Business Health Resources

Business Health Resources commenced in 1999 and it is an established provider of high quality occupational health services with a core of valued customers. It has excellent expertise and experience in its OH physicians, advisors, nurses and specialist consultant. It is jointly owned by Dr. Tim Stevenson and his wife Jackie.

The company is based at Manor Farm House, Southwick, West Sussex.

The business has developed specific areas of expertise in the following areas;

  • Occupational Health
  • Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Aviation Medicals
  • Diver’s Medicals

"Health and Wellbeing is more than just taking care of the body. It is about taking care of the whole person and so we look to provide a range of services designed to benefit individuals physically, psychologically and socially."

Dr. Tim Stevenson, Owner Business Heath Resources

Manor Farm House,
20 Southwick Street,
West Sussex,
BN42 4TB

Tel: 01273 593344

Fax: 01273 592104

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday

8am - 5pm